My Basketball Flip Book

14 07 2010

Here is a video of my basketball flip book that I made!


NBA Finals

4 06 2010

The first game of the NBA Finals was yesterday and it was the Lakers vs. the Celtics, a huge rivalry in the NBA. This was the 12th time they met. I read an article that the Celtics would beat the Lakers in five games. I saw the game yesterday and the Lakers beat the Celtics, 102-89. That’s a 13 point game. Well, article, the Lakers crushed the Celtics so ha ha!

Basketball (At Recess)

27 05 2010

Today in school I played basketball against Yuval, a good basketball player. I made some good shots, but I still lost. He even said I was good for my age. It was fun.

Basketball During Recess

24 05 2010

Today during recess I decided to play basketball. Remember the kid I told you about in my other post, Basketball At The Kings Bay Y? Well, I decided to practice what he told me yesterday. I just kept running back and forth in the gym and I got really tired. It was really fun and I’m going to do it again tomorrow.

Basketball At The Kings Bay Y

23 05 2010

Well, today I went with my dad to the Kings Bay Y to play basketball. We went in and got a ball. We started playing for around 20 minutes when a boy came up to me and asked, “Do you wanna play?” I said yes and I went with him. It was a two on two game. Even though we lost, I had a blast! Then, after the game, the same boy stayed to give me some pointers. He showed me how to aim (for the white square) and how to make layups. It was a fun day.

The Story Of How I Became A Lakers Fan

22 05 2010

It all started one day when I was playing an app on my phone. I only have the lite version so I can only play as two teams, the L.A. Lakers or the Orlando Magic. I played it so many times I remembered some names like Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Derek Fisher, Lamar Odom, etc. One day I was watching the TV and I was flipping through the channels. I saw NBA Basketball and I turned to that channel. It was in January. It was the Lakers against the Knicks in Madison Square Garden. Pau Gasol had just gotten fouled and he shot two foul shots. As soon as I saw his name, I exclaimed, “He’s from my app!” I saw the rest of the game and the Lakers won. And now I’m a giant Lakers fan.

A Poem About How Much I Want To See A Lakers Game

22 05 2010

I want to see a Lakers game,

I really really do,

If only I had some tickets,

And a plane to get me there too!

I want to see the Lakers,

Against the Knicks,

Hopefully the Lakers would win,

And give the Knicks some good ol’ kicks!

I want all their autographs,

I’ll keep them in good condition,

I’ll remember the day I got them,

And the day the Lakers completed their mission!

I like the Celtics and Cavaliers;

The Magic and Hawks aren’t so bad,

But I still think,

That the Lakers are totally rad!